Fundraising Basics with Greg Campbell

In this Startup Sunday session we chat with Greg Campbell, an experienced startup investor and strategic adviser about the basics of fundraising.
Here is a breakdown of our chat:
The 3 key criteria Greg and other investors look for when considering investing in any startup – Min 03:40
The key characteristics investors look for in founders – Min 08:08
Advise on Friends and Family rounds – Min 09:30
Things to consider when raising your initial round – Min 11:17
Equity vs. other channels of fundraising – Min 14:05
S.A.F.E (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) – Min 16:27
2 less popular but incredible fundraising options – Min 17:03
Best practices to get in touch with investors – Min 19:45
5 pitch deck best practices – Min 22:47
Exit strategies – Min 31:20

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